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I've been reading the forum(s) for 3 or 4 months now and just joined so I could specifically extend a thank you to all who contribute. I have read prior posts, utilized links to technical documents and given the online help documentation 2nd and 3rd looks due to the contents many of you have posted.

The information and knowledge I have gained by just reading has been phenominal. Using suggestions posted I have taken previous designed reports & queries that used to take 10 to 11 minutes to run and they now complete it 5 seconds. I've discovered "new" functionality (at least to my firm) and all the contributors to this forum are the source.

Again, thanks to all. I look forward to more interesting problem solving. May you all have a happy and safe holiday.

Dev Studio 7.6.9, Server: Win2003 Advanced Server
WebFocus 7.6.9, Desktop: Windows XP SP2
Excel 2003 SP, IE 7.0, IBM iSeries 570 DB2, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0
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You are most welcome, we look forward to your contributions.

Happy and safe holiday to you and yours as well.

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Ditto on You're Welcome. Hope to see and meet any and all Focal Pointers at Summit.



FOCUS/WebFOCUS 1990 - 2011
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DC, FOCUS and WebFOCUS are just like any other language. One can write inefficient code that takes forever to run and one can write efficient code that can run very quickly. Sometimes, the diffenece can be very small and greatly depend on the data being accessed. What works well for .FOC & .XFOCUS files may work horribly for RDBMS databases. One has to really understand the data, relationships, interface (for non-FOCUS data) and FOCUS language internals.

I'd like to wish everyone a safe an happy holiday.

In FOCUS since 1985. Prod WF 8.0.08 (z90/Suse Linux) DB (Oracle 11g), Self Serv, Report Caster, WebServer Intel/Linux.
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Ditto!!! What a wonderful forum this is and such a talented group of people. Thank you all and happy holidays!!

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Linux/MVS DB2
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Yes, it's a pleasure and a pleasant community.
But I can't let it be said that Focus is like any other language.
His sense of humor and his frightful tricks are unequalled. As his will of a kind of a universal language (and not hundred boxes juxtaposed)
Happy Christmas to Father Focus and all of you

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Dev Studio 7.6.11 and !!!
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