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New Contest: WebFOCUS for Google Maps
Dear Focal Pointers,

We are excited to announce the Focal Point WebFOCUS for Google Maps Contest!

Teaming WebFOCUS with Google Maps gives you flexibility to enrich maps with analytic content. You can use WebFOCUS to drive what is displayed on a map, conditionally style location indicators to visually convey operational trends, and navigate the map from a related report to zoom in and out of critical areas.

This contest is a chance for you, the WebFOCUS developer community, to show what you can do with this new and exciting feature.

Contest start date: Wednesday, September 3rd

Last Submission date and voting begins: Monday, October 6th

Voting ends, top five in each track announced, ceremonious voting on top 4: Monday, October 13th

Top three winners announced in each track: Thursday, October 16th

Types of submissions:
You can send as many submissions as you like. As long as each submission solves a different problem and highlights a different technique.
Each contest track will be awarded a grand prize. The top three entrants in each category will receive a prize.

Out-of-the-Box (1st and 2nd place will be win a prize)
This track is designated for basic implementations highlighting WebFOCUS for Google Maps. Feel free to combine WebFOCUS for Google Maps with any other feature of WebFOCUS such as Active Reports or Magnify.

Out-of-the-Box Basic Example:
This example was built using everything available in the WebFOCUS for Google Maps User Manual. Everything was built using design tools only, with no additional JavaScript added.

Only minor JavaScript can be added and must not comprise more than 5% of the code submitted.

API Extension (1st and 2nd place will be win a prize) This track is designated for extending WebFOCUS for Google Maps using the Google Maps API.

API Extension Basic Example:

API Extension Advanced:

Information Builders Employee's - You may participate however, you can only submit an application under the API extension.

All Rules - Let the games begin!· All applications must be self-service (non-MR) applications
· The application name should be your Focal Point User Profile Name
· Use either the Century Sales demo database or your own data.

· When using your own data, please be sure to remove or randomize any confidential information.

· All applications must be portable. All submissions must use a FOCUS file as their data source (see FORMAT HOLD for more information). Prior to submitting your application change all server/URL references to localhost:8080.

· All submissions must be sent in via the Submission form and files must be uploaded here": This includes company name, submitter name, and description of problem and how it was solved as well a screen shot
· Out-of-the-Box submissions may contain Java Script code as long as it does not interact with the Google Maps API.
· API Extension submission – Anything Goes!

How to Submit?
Go to:

Click the button to the right of the map that reads ‘Enter the Contest’

At the bottom of the form there are FTP instructions for uploading your application

All applications can be launched from the main page

The contest will be judged both by Information Builders Employees and you, tkhe Focal Point developers. At the close of the competition, we will have a one-week voting period on Focal Point. During this time the community will determine the top applications in the Out of the Box and the API Extension. The results will be posted to Focal Point. At which time, voting will be enabled on the remaining submissions. The voting at this point is for reference as Information Builder judges determine the winner. There will be prizes for the top two in each track!

Winners will be announced shortly after!

Please post any question you may have to this forum and we will respond as soon as possible

By submitting a entry into the WebFOCUS for Google Maps Contest, you hereby agree to the following terms:

· All submissions may be used in public materials issued by Information Builders. This includes, but not limited to presentations and press releases.

· All materials used as public materials will include acknowledgement to the submitter and/or company. If anonymity is required, please add this request to your submission summary under special requests.

· Any submission that is deemed inappropriate will be immediately removed, and the submitter notified.

· Techniques used may be productized into the graphical interface.

· Official Product Documentation –Chapter 6 of Developing Reporting Applications with Graphical Tools 7.6

· Summit Presentation – Enterprise Mashups: WebFOCUS for Google Maps

· Summit Lab – WebFOCUS for Google Maps: Rapid Mashup Development
· Google Maps API Reference
· WebFOCUS for Google Maps Online Demo

Good Luck!

This contest has been created by the following IB'ers: Adam Lotrowski, Mario Delgado, and Matthew Lerner.

Kathleen Butler
Customer Care and Communications Manager

This message has been edited. Last edited by: Kathleen Butler,

Kerry Zhan
Focal Point Moderator
Information Builders, Inc.
Posts: 1950 | Location: New York | Registered: November 16, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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