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Register now for Summit 2010 & Participate in the FOCWIZARDS/FOCAL Pointers Meeting

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March 24, 2010, 02:08 PM
Register now for Summit 2010 & Participate in the FOCWIZARDS/FOCAL Pointers Meeting

Dear Focal Pointers,

Summit 2010 is fast approaching!! This is the Premier Educational Event in Business Intelligence and Integration!

Information Builders Summit User Conference empowers you to reach your peak professional development by taking advantage of the benefits of data quality management, advanced information access, personalized reporting, and dashboards.

Summit 2010 is the most comprehensive training available on Information Builders WebFOCUS, FOCUS, and iWay Software solutions. Devoted to our customers, developers, and executives worldwide, Summit provides the most innovative coaching, the best networking, and the enhanced skills for handling today's critical business issues.

Summit 2010 is the only conference that offers:
• Over 35 customer presentations – to give you great ideas on how to put your information to work
• Top industry analyst presentations – for thought leadership on where BI and integration are headed
• One-on-one consultations with our solutions experts – for instant analysis of your projects
• More than 44 Hands-On Labs – so you can put our latest features to the test
• 130 education sessions
• A special viewing of our innovative new software release WebFOCUS 8, which provides cutting-edge data integrity, performance management, BI, and advanced analytics to help everyone in your business make smarter decisions

Putting your information to work. That’s what Information Builders Summit is all about. Don’t miss out!

New Promotion!! When you pay for a Summit registration, you will get five subscriptions to our online eLearning Reference Library ... a $1,250 value!

The eLearning Reference Library is a vital resource of tips, techniques, and training that includes over 20 Product Training Modules, recorded live meetings, and reference guides. Up to two attendees per company (with paid registrations) are eligible for this offer. That’s a $2,500 bonus of 10 subscriptions that virtually pays for the cost of the trip. And yes, you can still take advantage of the Early Bird Special.

Agenda | ROI Justification Kit | FAQ's | Video: Gerald Cohen talks about Summit! | Early Bird Special and Hotel Rates Expires May 22nd

Tuesday, June 8th
Off to see the wizards: A FOCWIZARDS/Focal Pointers Meeting – Focal Point Session at Summit!

We are excited to announce that we will have a dedicated session for Focal Point at Summit 2010. This session will feature two parts. In part one, we will answer questions from support calls that start with: "How can I...?" or "It's a shame that FOCUS/WebFOCUS doesn't...?" We will show how FOCUS can do whatever you need and often easier than you thought.

Part two is your chance to stump the experts! Visit Focal Point today and send your “How To” question or challenge you faced in building your WebFOCUS/iWay application, via email to by May 10th. All questions will then be posted by May 11th and you will have a chance to send in your answers by May 30th. The most challenging “how to” questions and “innovative” solutions will win a token from the FocWizard himself, Gerry Cohen, CEO of Information Builders!

We look forward to seeing you at Summit 2010!!


Kathleen Butler
Customer Care and Communications Manager
Information Builders

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