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Immediate opening for WebFOCUS Developer at CA

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April 08, 2015, 01:35 PM
Radhika P
Immediate opening for WebFOCUS Developer at CA
We have an immediate opening for Information Builders/WebFocus Developer at CA.I appreciate if you can email me your resume' if you are available and comfortable with the below position so that we can discuss further

Job Title: Developer/Programmer IV

Location: Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Length: 6 plus months

Pay Rate: DEO

Description: Information Builders/WebFocus Developer

The Information Builders/WebFocus Developer will help set up an enterprise-level BI/reporting infrastructure to deliver executive and enterprise reporting. The developer will create interactive dashboards, pixel-perfect reporting and must be an expert in Excel representation and integration. The developer will be part of a new team to implement a Data & Analytics Platform for major entertainment & Media Company. The developer should be able to make recommendations on WebFocus infrastructure and architecture (i.e. how to implement mobile delivery within and outside the firewall). The developer should be a self-starter and be able to work in an agile and dynamic environment. Strong customer and interpersonal skills are a must as the developer will be working with business users and a 7-member Data & Analytics implementation team.


• Minimum 5 years' experience with Information Builders/WebFocus

• Experience working with MPP databases, Big Data and relational databases (Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server)

• Strong written and verbal communication in English

• Ability to create dashboards on webportal, mobile devices

• Knowledge of different charts/graphs and visual representations

• Understand user experience and engagement for self-service discovery

• Be able to work at various Fox sites in the West Los Angeles Area (Beverly Hills, Century City, Play del Rey etc.)

• Ability to structure technical documents and communicate requirements with precision and organization

• Ability to read a data model

• Worked in enterprise environments

• Must work on-site


• Experience with other Business Intelligence tools (Tableau, QlikView etc.)

• Experience with virtualization tools such as Composite, Denod

***Referrals are appreciated

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April 09, 2015, 03:16 PM
George Patton
I wonder - do these advertised jobs ever get filled? It seems they are all looking for people with a deep knowledge of WF plus a couple of other products, which implies that they want seasoned professionals - just the kind of people who already have steady jobs elsewhere. Then they want them to move all the way across the country - or to a different continent in one recent case - for a short 6-month gig.

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April 10, 2015, 08:18 AM
Mike in DeLand
Yes, and the pay is usually an insult. It's funny how all these job require you to be on-site - no remote work allowed. That is, until you send the job overseas for $4 per hour. Then you can be as remote as you want.

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