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Expanding From Focus to WebFocus

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March 17, 2006, 05:12 PM
Expanding From Focus to WebFocus
Hello everyone!

I have a long (some 20 years) and successful career with mainframe Focus, and some PC focus as well. My experience is extensive, and I consider myself at the expert level. Unfortunately, the company I'm with has not included WebFocus in their arsenal of IBI products. I do have a long history with the Internet and some intermediate experience with web development and other technologies. So, my question is this:

How "behind" am I in terms of WebFocus, and how valuable will my expertise in all other things Focus be in trying to become an expert in WebFocus as well? How difficult would such an expansion be?

I am VERY interested in becoming as proficient in WebFocus as I am in Focus. So if any of you reading this have a need for an experienced Focus developer and are using (or will be using) WebFocus, give me a call! I am currently looking for such an opportunity, and I am willing to relocate.

My online resume is here: My resume site

Or, go directly to the Focus page here: The Focus page on my resume site