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An Opportunity for someone with WebFOCUS and tableau

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June 11, 2018, 11:49 AM
An Opportunity for someone with WebFOCUS and tableau
I'm am looking for someone who:

* Has 5+ years of WebFOCUS experience, including at least one year of 8202, and significant tableau experience.
* Has a proven track record (with references) for both.
* Is a good team player.
* Has good communications skills.
* Has a "We can do that in WebFOCUS!" attitude as well as tableau and data translation abilities between them both.

Preferred Qualifications:

* 8.x, 5 years of pre-8.x experience.
* Knowledge of WebFOCUS 82 and tableau Security.
* SQL, SQL Server.
* Development and support of the following in WebFOCUS and tableau :
* Advanced reports and charts with drilldowns.
* Development and support of portals.
* Development and support ETL / DataMigrator.

RSVP via PM, with the following:

1) Your full contact information.
2) Current/last assignment, availability.
3) A link to your resume for more details.
4) Your 'score', from 1 (No experience) to 10 (Awesome)
A) "In FOCUS Since" / "using tableau since:
B) Most resent version of WebFOCUS / tableau:
C) Report Development:
D) Advanced charting:
E) Portal design, creation, migration, WebFOCUS / tableau:
F) DataMigrator, latest version:
G) WebFOCUS 8x Security, latest version:
H) Communication Skills:
J) Other, as you see fit to add (Explain below):

Thank You, Doug

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