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WebFOCUS & ESRI ArcWeb Services - Perfect Together

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April 03, 2006, 10:03 AM
WebFOCUS & ESRI ArcWeb Services - Perfect Together
WebFOCUS can easily consume a web service as a data source and interact with other web service to take advantage of the power they provide.

ArcWeb Services from ESRI are a powerful combination of GIS related web services and data that can be used to enhance an application without purchasing and installing any GIS software.

This topic has been created for questions and guidance on using the trial copy of WebFOCUS Developer Studio that comes with the ArcWeb Services metadata pre-built.

To see a demonstration of the combination of WebFOCUS, iWay Software and ArcWeb Services look here. {requires Flash}
B&E Car Care Center demomstration

More information about ArcWeb Services can be found here.
ESRI ArcWeb Services