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NORCAL IBUG Meeting 9/20/04

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September 15, 2004, 12:47 AM
NORCAL IBUG Meeting 9/20/04
Northern California Information Builders
User Group Meeting

Monday, September 20, 2004 at California State University, Hayward

8:15am-Noon(+optional networking at lunch..)

Tbe meeting planned for 9/20 at Cal State University Hayward, will be held
in Room AE123(same location as last meeting).

Parking Permits will NOT be required so you may park in any lot on campus(quarter break in effect).

Please note that the mailing list was recently reconstructed so please check with others you know who may be interested since some addresses may have been inadvertently omitted from the updated list.

Topics speakers will present on include DB2 Connect, Focus at United Airlines, Testing S390/z/OS Focus v7.2 and more..

Parking & Travel
Please see
for driving instructions, BART connections, etc. For those who send in an RSVP a parking permit will be available for pick up at the Visitor Kiosk on Carlos Bee Blvd at the top of the Hill on the right(south) side of the road
adjacent to the baseball field.

Parking Passes - Not Required!

For an enlarged map of routes to the Hayward Campus visit -
(Do not refer to the Contra Costa Campus map on the same page..)

For an enlarged map of the Hayward Campus see -

Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes, California State University Hayward,

George Chin, Wells Fargo & Company,

Janice Miles: Consultant

Howard Share: HSConultants, Inc.

Jerry Foster: Worldwide Focus, Ltd.

Web Site:
NorCal IBUG,
-includes downloads for many past presentations