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Sr WebFOCUS Consultant Available for Part-time and/or Telecommuting Work

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November 13, 2012, 11:44 PM
Sr WebFOCUS Consultant Available for Part-time and/or Telecommuting Work
As a free-lancer WebFOCUS consultant, I used to take intensive development projects but recently I found on-call programming support more flexible. Small to mid size business only need one or two full time developer to support WebFOCUS once the system is up and running. When the full-timers are overloaded, they can turn to consultants for a short period of time to save cost.

Here is a brief description of myself:

-Started working with WebFOCUS/iWay since 2000, can do both hand-coding and developer studio;
-Extensive experience in SQL based database, such as MS SQL, DB2, and Oracle;
-Developed dynamic WebFOCUS reports with HTML, JSP, ASP, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery and other web technologies;
-Familiar with Java and C#;
-Some working experience in system installation and configuration.

I'm based in Ontario, Canada, and eligible to work in both Canada and the U.S. I can offer 25 to 30 hours of work weekly if you need a programing support consultant on remote basis, with up to a full week on site each month.

Please send me a message if you are interested. Thanks.

7.66 and 7.704
System: Windows / AIX / Linux
Output: Mostly HTML, with some PDF, Excel and Lotus(!)
May 28, 2013, 03:17 PM
I could use your skills. Are you still on the market for this type of service? Of course, due to your locale, it would be remote I'm imagining.

WF 7.3
windows 2008
December 04, 2013, 10:14 PM
Please let me know if any part time positions available.

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