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ANNOUNCEMENT: Enhancements

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November 14, 2005, 01:56 AM
ANNOUNCEMENT: Enhancements
Focal Point has recently been upgraded. Please note the following important logistical updates:

* To access Focal Point, you will be required to now enter your email address versus a user name. The objective is to eliminate the amount of duplicate accounts. If you do not remember your password, simply select the link on the sign in page and it will be emailed to you immediately.

* Focal Point has a new url -- it’s a very small but important change. The new url is: Please update your bookmarks and be sure to add the "s" after the word "forum".

* Email notifications will be sent from the mailbox, and not, so kindly update your safe lists. FYI, the new Focal Point mailbox is active and monitored regularly.

Throughout the site, you will certainly identify numerous improvements. The following is a list of some of the featured enhancements:

1) My Space: Each member has a designated area called "My Space" where you can manage your profile, set preferences, customize notifications, manage private messages and buddies, and view the groups you belong to. All member display names are hyperlinked to their My Space pages.

2) Link to the IB - Developer Center: Now there is a direct link to the Information Builders Developer Center page, located at the top left of each page.

3) Online Now: See who is currently visiting Focal Point. At the bottom of the forum pages, there is a running log of visitors (albeit, not all visitors since there is limited space to display all names). If you prefer to remain invisible, so that your actual name does not appear in the Online Now lists, visit your My Space and update the Preferences.

4) Report a Private Message: Although private messages are considered private between the participating users, a user may elect to report a private message to the community administrators for whatever reason. This is the only way for an administrator, who is not actually invited to participate in a private message, to view it.

5) Rate a Topic: Let us know what you think about a specific topic. This rating system will help us better identify topics of interest so we can develop campaigns, etc. For example, after reviewing contributions throughout the site we often invite members to write articles for the Focus on Developers page. Soon we'll be hosting live chat sessions and will be relying upon your input and rating systems to schedule the topics you want to discuss.

6) Power Buttons: There are several standard buttons that are available on the forum pages. All of these buttons are front and center to handle the most common functions you will more than likely wish to perform:

a) Go: This is a button which allows movement throughout the entire site
b) New: Use this button to create new content in the forums such as discussions and polls. The private message option is also available via this button.
c) Find: All forum content can be searched using the “Find” button. The advance search link offers more refined searching options.
d) Notify: Available on pages which can be subscribed to via notifications, click on this button to add a subscription for a forum or topic.
e) Reply: On topic pages, this is the button to use to add a reply or comment.

7) Views: Now see how many times members have read/viewed your topics.

So, let us know what you think about the improvements, please advise of any inconsistencies which should be addressed, and keep sending those suggestions.

Thanks everyone!


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