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Restart Channel using XDControlAgent in iWay 5.5

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April 22, 2011, 11:39 AM
Restart Channel using XDControlAgent in iWay 5.5

Is there any way to "restart" the channel using XDControlAgent in iWay 5.5.
I am able to stop the channel using the above service,but I am unable to restart the same immediately after stopping inside a p-flow.

Meaning stop and sudden start of channel from a p-flow.

Is there any way to do the same

Also is there any way to pause the flow inside a designer for quite a few seconds.


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iWay ISM 5.5/iWay ISM 6.0 on Windows.
May 04, 2011, 10:35 AM
Hi GK,

I checked with our iWay people and here is the feedback: In general the XDControlAgent does allow for the stopping and starting of a channel, and if you are using it within the same channel that you are stopping to restart, that would not work. In order to further investigate why this is not working for you, please get the pflow and logs, then open a case with Customer Support Services, by either call 1-800-736-6130, or access online at InfoResponse.



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