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[CASE-OPENED] DB2 bulkload truncates char fields with double quotes

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July 10, 2013, 05:46 AM
Martin vK
[CASE-OPENED] DB2 bulkload truncates char fields with double quotes
I have CHAR fields in a DB2 source table which has sometimes double quotes within the value, for example a company name is: '"Car-Discount" B.V.'
(The single quotes at the beginning and end are not part of the value but the double quotes are)

When this data is transferred by DB2 BULKLOAD from the source table to a target table (with exact same definition, just in different database) I get the following message:
SQL3114W Some data following ""Car-Discount"" in row "F0-2211" and column "10" was not loaded.

In the target table the resulting value is 'Car-Discount', so no quotes at all and truncated.

I noted in the tab-delimited intermediate file it still has the original value, but somehow the db2 client considers it a quoted string because it starts with a double quote and truncates the value after the 'closing' double quote.

Can the DB2 BULKLOAD somehow use properly quoted strings to prevent this problem?
I have also started a case with TechSupport, but maybe someone else has also encountered this issue (in DB2 or other database) and knows how to solve this.

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July 11, 2013, 10:52 AM
In researching your hottrack case we determined that the DB2 bulk load program defaults to treating double quotes as a character string delimiter; we'll need to change that. In the meantime I would suggest using Insert records from memoy load type instead.