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iXTE HTTP listner
<Mark Smith>
Can anyone point me to any tutorials or documentation that provides potential uses and sample applications for the HTTP listner in iXTE. I've searched the knowledge base and am not coming up with anything useful (does not mean it is not there, could be I'm searching for the wrong words).
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Hi Mark,

If you are using version 5.2.104, see "The basic How To procedure for setting up an HTTP listener" on page 11-32 and "The HTTP listener procedure" that is part of a use case scenario on page 12-13. Both are in the iWay XML Transformation Engine User's Guide 5.2.104 (DN3501018.1203).

If you are using version 5.5, please see "The basic How To procedure" on page 4-55. This can be found in the iWay Adapter Manager Protocol�s Guide 5.5 (DN3501359.1104).

Also, the HTTP listener procedure that is part of the use case scenario was updated for 5.5. This is in the iWay Adapter Manager User�s Guide 5.5 (DN3501358.0205). "The HTTP use case procedure" begins on page 9-14.

Hope this helps.

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