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Input on Best Practices for Sharing Application Folder

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July 18, 2013, 10:07 AM
Input on Best Practices for Sharing Application Folder
We have just finished using iWay and Webfocus to create our first few data marts and a number of reporting objects, reports and portals. We shared application folders between iWay and Webfocus and had a few issues with this approach. Here are my notes on this shared application approach:

I like only having one copy of a master file to maitain. Duplicating the creation of master files seems like extra work and potential for making debugging more difficult.

Our application folders get very full. They have a mix of file required for your ETL and files required for reporting. When report writer create a new report using Info Assist they see master files that they really shouldn't be using for reporting

Some metadata attributes useful for reporting (e.g. turning INTERNAL ON) conflict with what the ETL flows require.

How is everyone else configuing the sharing of master files between DMC and Webfocus. What are the best practices\suggest practices.



Webfocus 8.0
July 19, 2013, 05:10 AM
Martin vK
We do share the application folders and it works well for us, especially in sharing the master files, but we also have several procedures we use both in WebFocus and in DMC.

If application folders get too full, just split them. In general we put master files in separate folders (per database) and DMC flows in separate folders and WF applications in separate folders. In DMC we arrange which folders we want to see or not.


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