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Return Code = 18561
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I am using Data migrator 7.7.2 which is inbuilt in Web Focus.

I create a simple data flow and its run fine

When I create a Process flow with data flow and try to run, getting the following error

LOOPBACK (ICM18122) Request - sqlserver_flows/flow04 submitted.
LOOPBACK (ICM18027) DEP_0: flow flow_01_02 started.
LOOPBACK (ICM18977) Request sqlserver_flows/flow_01_02 submission failed: Scheduler is
LOOPBACK not active
LOOPBACK (ICM18561) Request sqlserver_flows/flow_01_02 Not submitted
LOOPBACK (ICM18039) DEP_0 flow_01_02 Return Code = 18561

The message of this error code 18561 is "ETL Request has not been submitted."

Can any one help me. Please

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DataMigrator is a separately liscensed product from WebFOCUS. You may wnat to confirm you have a liscense for it. On a DataMigrator server the scheduler is started automatically.

The error message "Scheduler is not active" means that the scheduler isn't running and it's needed for the process flow. From the DMC logged in with an Administrator ID expland Workspace > Config... > Special Services... Double click on SCHEDULER and confirm sched_autostart is set to Y. Save and restart.
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