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[CLOSED] upgrading from iway SM 6.1.10 to 7.0.6
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I am looking into upgrading iWay SM from 6.1.10 to 7.0.6. I have installed 7.0.6 locally to test it out, but find that the existing Channels are not quite compatible with new version in iIT 7.0.6. Although the Channel is converted into a new file for 7.0.6. The iIT failed to perform after the channels were converted. On issue that I have is creating Application to contain the Channel, basically I got some "Unhandled event loop exception" of org.eclipse.ui when trying to create the application in the iway project.

Have anyone tried migrating their project from version 6 to 7 and are willing to point me to some direction or documentation?



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iWay 5.5, 6.01
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<Emily McAllister>
Hello cokeyng,

The following can be done as part of the migration process unless you already use Source Management from which you can pull in the components. And yes, the channel structure has changed from 6.1 to 7.0 major releases. The below steps assume that you used the channel build in iIT in 6.1 release to create the channels.
1. Install iIT 7.0.6, and install 6.1.10 core services into the iIT from the help menu.
2. Create or open an integration project.
3. Use iWay Explorer tab to connect to the 6.1.10 server, expand the registry components and export the channels into the integration project
4. Navigate back to the integration project and open the channels, you will get prompted to convert them… .agree and convert.
5. Set (reset) the target version for the pflow associated to the channel to 7.0.6 version and resave all work. If you have an option to set target version for the channel as well, set it to 7.0.6 also. The options are available when you right-click on component and select properties.
6. If the channel/pflows save successfully, then you should be good to go. You might want to close the channel/pflow view to ensure all changes are saved.
7. Now you can proceed in creating your applications (iIAs) and packaging one or more channels/pflows into them. During the selection of channels to be packaged into an iIA, you should see “inline” as a channel type next to the channel you have converted.

If you still get an unhandled loop exception or another error message, please provide the full trace and if possible the archive with your channel.

Emily McAllister
Focal Point Moderator
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