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Migration from AM SP5 to SM SP1 (on a new host)

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November 19, 2007, 11:13 AM
Migration from AM SP5 to SM SP1 (on a new host)
Migration in doc IWAY55_SM_install.pdf does not address details of how to migrate my old AF target with previously defined schemas (tables, statements and batches ) from an old host using AM55 SP5 to a new iWay server HOST with SM55 SP1 release.

Has any one already tried this?

It looks like manual work would be needed althought I'm not sure it will successfully migrate ALL definitions.
November 20, 2007, 04:15 AM
The good news it that the Blue screens from AM is still avalable. This means that you can package your AM process and publish them to the new version and unpackage them like you would have in the alversion. We're using SM but on the BLUE AM screens. Have not found the real benefit from running on the White screens. Looks good though to show. Blue screen still works best.

Iyou do want to take the features of the SM whit escreen you need to redevelop the processes. The components like transformations and adapters can just be publish to the Repository and they will be avaliable for use in the SM version.

No there is no one buttom upgrade feature. The apllications is too different.
November 21, 2007, 09:11 AM
From the way you pharased you question, I am guessing you are using the RDBMS adapter, you have created webservices, and you are trying to migrate from an old instance of iWay 5.5 Adapter Manager SP5 to a new instance of iWay 5.5 Service Manager SP1. To answer your question, yes, of course this has been tried. Now on to the specifics.

There are a variety of way to accomplish this portion of the migration. Here are some ideas:
1. Point the IBSP repository configuration at the same database you used in iAM SP5. This shared database approach can provide a low effort migration. It depends on a variety of things like database drivers, access, availability, etc.

2. Use the service provider migration utility provided in iSM SP1. This functionality is targeted at helping you accomplish what you are talking about.

3. Learn how to use the administrative web services that deal with targets. Thse services are typically available off of http://yourhost:9000/admin.

Call support and open a case with all the details of what you are trying to do. We are listening and can help.