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SAP Function Modules
Silver Member

I've got a question about creating master files (Synonyms) of Function Modules.

I use the iWay web console to create new master files for our SAP Tables and function modules.

We already have one Function Module represented by a master file: "READ_TEXT".

I wanted to create another master file for another FM called "UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE".
But when I try to create it, no master files are generated. I tried recreating READ_TEXT and that did work.

In the documentation there's something about not being able to generate a master file for some FM's.
FM Synonyms

To create synonyms for SAP function modules, the only thing needed is to know the exact name of the function module. Please note that not all function modules are suitable for reporting.
How can I tell when a FM is suitable for reporting?

That way, I could create another FM that _IS_ suitable for reporting, based on (or using) the UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE FM.

Thanks in advance.

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Gold member
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could you try renaming the FM to something that is 18 characters or less then try to create the master file again. I'm just curious if that is causing the problem. I ran into issues within the Focus environment with names being longer then 18 characters and I guess its worth a shot to see if that is causing your problem.


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Which i-Way Sap adapter you have determines whether you can create a synonym for a function module or BAPI. The WebFocus version of the adapter can only create synonyms for read-only modules. So "RFC_CUSTOMER_GET" works but "RFC_CUSTOMER_UPDATE" should not.
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Silver Member
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First of all, thanks for the replies guys.

Second, I'm sad to say LeoL's suggestion didn't work, that would have been a great solution.

JG, is there an easy way to determine which iWay adapter we're using, and to know if a Function Module is read-only?
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If you installed the adapter from the server console then it's the standard adapter which is read only. As for knowing which modules are read and which write, I'm afraid it's simply a case of you know, usually via discussion with a SAP module specialist. normally when I'm looking for anything inparticular I go to
looking at this particular module (CONVERSION_FACTOR_GET) it appears to be a read function so the other possibility is that the module is not "flagged as remote" in your system. to check that you need to speak to one of your basis people.
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<Ben Yavuz>
Hi Tim,

I was able to create a synonym for this function module using a 5.3.2 server. However, the synonym has only 2 fields; UNIT_IN and UNIT_OUT and these fields are not enough to be able to use the function module. (INPUT is a mandatory IMPORT parameter). If you look at the parameters of the funtion module using the transaction SE37, you will see that those two fields are IMPORT parameters. You will also notice that the 2 parameters created in the synonym have data types associated with them while the rest don't. (Please note that Export parameters also don't have any data types associated with them).
Please change the "Associated Type" values for those parameters that don't have a value and then create the synonym.
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Silver Member
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First of all, thanks for the reply.

Which SAP/R3 version are you using?
I'm also interested in the latest support package installed.

Because maybe there's an OSS note we haven't installed yet.

In the meantime I'll try and change the type references of the fields.

Thanks again.
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Silver Member
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That was some really valuable info there Ben Smiler

I managed to get it working by referencing the "INPUT" and "OUTPUT" parameter-fields to AM07M-MAXVALUE.

The reason those fields weren't referenced was because in the code of UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE, the data type was checked, and the code reacts differently according to which datatype was used for the "INPUT" paramater(number, precision or float).

I would also like to note that creating the synonym won't work if you do not reference to a table/structure field. I tried using "TYPE MAXVALUE" (the data-element) first, but that didn't work, so I used the "where-used" list to find a table or structure field that uses this data-element and that _does_ work.

Thanks for all your help.

Tim Schraepen.
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Sorry to resurrect such an old thread. I am also trying to use function modules (UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE and AUFBAUEN_MDPSX_ANZEIGEN) to get data. I have checked SE37 and it looks neither is remote enabled. I have had discussions with some SAP folks here and changing this attribute is not possible or very difficult in these or other function modules. Is not having a "Remote-Enabled Module" a deal breaker for getting this to work with WebFOCUS?

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