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[CLOSED] Try to create .xml synonym and getting (FOC42233) UNEXPECTED TOKEN:'%2'

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September 18, 2019, 02:26 AM
[CLOSED] Try to create .xml synonym and getting (FOC42233) UNEXPECTED TOKEN:'%2'

I'm try to create a synonym from .xml file in iWay Datamigrator, but I keep getting this error: (FOC42233) UNEXPECTED TOKEN:'%2'

and the xml file is something like this at top:

?xml version="1.0" standalone="true"?



any idea why?

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WebFOCUS v8.2.06 , Windows
September 18, 2019, 12:57 PM
Presumably there are angle brackets around each element, i.e.:
<?xml version="1.0"  standalone="true"?>

If you are attempting to create a synonym for a local document be sure to use that selection and not schema which uses an xsd that describes the xml.

Also it's important to keep current as the Adapter for XML has been continuously improved over the years.

If you are still having a problem please open a case and upload the xml document you are trying to create a synonym for.