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New version migration errors

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December 06, 2007, 06:22 PM
New version migration errors
I am setting up the datamigrator server version 7.6.2 on new server.
I have current setup of Datamigrator version 7.1.6 is running on the production
server. Moved the existing working files from my current server to new server
and doing the testing. I had encounter following issues and need to resolve as
quickly as possible.
1) Running the processflow: It runs fine and acutally finished successfully when I checked last log file. But DMC (data management console) or Webconsole when running the processflow it shows up the error where actually it is finished succesfully.
From DMC - shows error like "Unexpected remote disconnection"
From Webconsole - shows the error like "session lost".

2) Same processflow works fine in the current version(716) and update the oracle target table. But on new datamigrator server it always error out on the of field format/conversion error. Here is the error from the log file

12-05-2007 11:36:06 tar_fablotcompliancymoves_etl type Oracle Existing target
12-05-2007 11:36:06 Issuing PREPARE
12-05-2007 11:36:06 Request will process data via NON-Pass Through (NON-APT)
12-05-2007 11:36:06 HOLD file will be created for output file named: SQLIN.
12-05-2007 11:36:07 1
12-05-2007 11:36:07 0 NUMBER OF RECORDS IN TABLE= 404 LINES= 404
12-05-2007 11:36:07 0
12-05-2007 11:36:07 Starting Load
12-05-2007 11:36:07 (FOC1346) : FORMAT ERROR: Record 1 , Column 38

I don't why it's getting the error message, and no idea why the current version
(716) works out without any issue for the same dataflow. It tried as mentioned in the Tech Support, like recreate the synonums also but no help.
Pls. let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks in advance for your help.

WF 7.6.2/ OS WIN2003.
DM 7.6.2
December 27, 2007, 08:21 PM
Hi All,

I was able to fix some of the problems.

Like Calling 1st problem due to the having call to the .Net application and now change the way it call in the seperate thread using batch command.
conversion problem is may be new version handle the null data (change the source field type for example P6 to P10.3 and it works fine) may be xml parsner in new version doesn't treat the null data similar fashion as previous version.

Hope it help somebody else, since it took lot of my time to figure out the issues.

WF 7.6.2/ OS WIN2003.
DM 7.6.2