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iWay (iwsrv.exe) consuming 100% CPU usage
The iWay application (iwsrv.exe) is consuming almost 100% of CPU and memory.. We had started encountering this issue during the last 1 week.. before which all OK.

There was no update or change made to the iWay registry / channels... no variations in the GC logs either..

In addition the data or transactions received this month was approximately the same as we have received last month

Any suggestions to resolve...

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Hi Amigos,

To better determine the cause of the issue, we will need to look into the log files and traces, therefore your best channel is to open a case with Information Builders' Customer Support Services. Please either call 1-800-736-6130, or access online at InfoResponse.



Kerry Zhan
Focal Point Moderator
Information Builders, Inc.
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Check the state of your machine. If there were no changes to the application or the jvm its running within I would look at an outside influence.
Another process on this machine could be consuming more physical memory causing the OS to start paging to the physical hard disk. When this occurs everything on the machine slows down. If iWay is competing for resources (cpu, memory) while your machine is in such a state iWay will slow down. When this happens work builds up as do required resources. This may be why you see iwsrv.exe using more resources.
However a better question is why are you running "In process"? You should be running "out of process" inwhich case you will still see the iwsrv.exe in task manager but you will also see java.exe which will consume resource not iwsrv.exe. The difference is when you run iWay "out of process" you remove the OS as middleman so to speak. This will also increase performance drastically.

You must uninstall the service then reinstall.

To remove:

C:\iwayhome\bin > iwsrv base -s remove

To reinstall and run out of process:

C:\iwayhome\bin > iwsrv base -s install -L java

Where base is the name of your iSM configuration.

After these changes you will see java.exe consuming resources not iwsrv.exe.
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Focal Point    Focal Point Forums  Hop To Forum Categories  iWay Software Product Forum on Focal Point    iWay (iwsrv.exe) consuming 100% CPU usage

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