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No Logs Returned
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Does anyone know where I can go to check and see if logging is turned off for some reason? After I run a flow and try to retrieve the last log for that flow, I get a message that says the log was retrieved, but it never comes up.
When I go down to the DM Reports and try to run the master log from there, I get a "CU CENTRAL MACHINE: ETLLOG" error.

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I was under the impression that logging was turned on all the time. Are you running in deferred mode? I believe the log is only written to when flows are run in deferred mode. Next thing to check is to make sure you have a log file. It's called ETLLOG.FOC and it typically located in the dm/catalog folder for your release. If it's there, make sure the size is under 2GB. There is a 2GB limit. If you've reached the limit, recreate the log and you may need to recreate the log several times. If the log filled up recently, one recreate may do it. After you recreate, check the dm/dfm_dir folder. If there are jobs there, wait a minute before checking the size. One other thing: I do recall there being something in the 76 releases that will write deferred logs to the dm/dfm_dir folder only and not to the ETLLOG.FOC database, but I'm not sure about that. Go to the webconsole, then I believe it's WORKSPACE, MONITOR, DEFERRED LIST. Check to see if your flow is there. Beyond that, maybe Clif is monitoring this forum and can assist. Other than that, I'd recommend opening a case.

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