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[CASE-OPENED] Error when using Data Migrator Listener

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July 17, 2014, 02:56 PM
David Nguyen
[CASE-OPENED] Error when using Data Migrator Listener
I'm new with iWay Data Migrator (version 7704)
I want to:
Step 1. Read a flat file(file has no extension) on a remote server using FTP & import flat file data to a table in SQL server.
Step 2. Rename/move the flat file to new folder to archive it.
Step 3. Run step 1 & 2 twice daily

For step 1: I create a flat file adapter, create synonym, create the flow... Everything works fine if in the synonym of the flat file, the "Data_Origin = FILE-single file/ collection processing". However, this method does not rename or move the file. So i try with "Data_origin = LISTENER-Continues file/collection process" and receive the following error:

07/17/2014 13:39:46 DEV (ICM18016) Request development/0519_104_listen submitted. Please, wait for
07/17/2014 13:39:46 DEV request to complete.
07/17/2014 13:39:46 DEV (ICM18762) Job ID: 20140717133933_79707026
07/17/2014 13:39:46 DEV (ICM18764) Request development/0519_104_listen failed; RC = 60001

I try to search the forum for error RC = 60001 but cannot found anything.

Could you help me with this error and suggest how to do step 2, 3 above? Thank you very much.

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iWay Data Migrator v7704M
Windows, All Outputs
July 21, 2014, 05:35 PM
The File Listener can be configured to archive files after they have been read to an application directory specified as just the application name (not the full path). That directory must exist either under the servers app root or as a mapped directory. It doesn't have to be in your app path however.

You can create a Direct Load Flow that uses the synonym you created as the source and schedule it from the process flow tab.

The RC = 60001 indicates a crashed agent. Please review the log for the flow; it should provide more information.
July 22, 2014, 11:44 AM
David Nguyen
Thanks for your suggestion.

The log is long so i post here:

With my requirement above, do you think I should use File Listener at all?

I need to perform many transforms before insert/update records to target. Therefore, I create a process flow which includes: a schedule(runs twice daily) -->> THEN a flow to read flat file, transform and load to target table -->> LASTLY a direct flow to move file to new location to archive it.

How can I delete the flat file on my remote server after processing?
Thank you.

iWay Data Migrator v7704M
Windows, All Outputs
July 22, 2014, 01:41 PM
Yes, that's what File Listener was designed to do. It automatically moves the files to an archive directory and renames it with a timestamp.

You can do transforms in a Direct Load flow in the load object. You may want to try a simple flow without transformations and get that to work first.

You can view the LOG for a flow by right clicking on the flow name and selecting Logs, Last Log. What you uploaded was a TRACE. It does indeed show an agent crash. Please open a hottrack case to report that. They'll want to see the repro flow and the source/target synonyms. Also to confirm the release you are using. Your signature says you are running Release 7.7.04. Is that correct? That dates to April 2012. I would suggest upgrading to 7.7.05 or at least applying the current maintenance to 7.7.04M.
July 23, 2014, 02:03 PM
David Nguyen
We use version 7.7.04M. I've created a support case with IBI. I will update this forum when my case is resolved. Thanks.