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Way to stop logging ebix_xa.log files in iWay ISM 5.5

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September 25, 2011, 06:33 AM
Way to stop logging ebix_xa.log files in iWay ISM 5.5

Amazed by the size of the ebix_xa.log files in the respective logging folder of the managed servers.

These files are getting bigger and bigger day by day and even runs for gb's together.

Is there any way to stop logging these files,

I do know that we have one option in the Server-->Log settings-->Transactional,I doubt whether this is the one logging those files in disk(Working directory).

Because we have the same log settings in our UAT and Prod(Even we have limited the trace settings till Debug in Prod and we have checked all levels of Trace settings in UAT),
In UAT we are not getting any of the above mentioned files,But in prod we are.....
Its ok with the normal logs files as it records the channel/components activity and we can limit the file size,level of logging etc.. or even switch off the logging.

But these ebix_xa.log files are eating the disk space and if this goes unnoticed it may lead to disk running out of space.


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iWay ISM 5.5/iWay ISM 6.0 on Windows.
October 03, 2011, 02:06 PM
Try completely deleting the value for the Log Location. Thats what activates it.