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[CLOSED] Data Management - Target question

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May 24, 2013, 09:45 AM
[CLOSED] Data Management - Target question

i'm new to Data Management and i trying to understand the detailed difference between the new and existing targets.

Besides the common knowledge that new target creates a table and existing target works off of a pre-existing table. i see that new target can still be used to update that new table?

If i wanted to create and ETL and update records only after Today -2 weeks would it be better to continue to use the new target (which is how i originally created the table) or now that the table is created use the existing target? note that i didn't look into SCD yet with this tool but right now i'm just playing around with extracting raw data.

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WebFocus 8.02, SQL Server 2008r2
May 29, 2013, 09:18 AM
New targets are created from the columns from your SELECT statement in the order they were selected.

You can indeed select "Update duplicates" with a new target. That would be useful if the keys occur more than once in the source and you want the last one's values to appear in the target.

It's a common practice to run a flow with a new target once and then delete the new target from the data flow and it back as an existing target so that you can do load transformations.

Should you use new or existing targets for subsequent loads? That depends on whether or not you want to keep the data from the original load.