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DM passing wrong table name to oracle database

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March 02, 2011, 05:03 PM
DM passing wrong table name to oracle database

I am facing the problem due to Datamigrator behavior is unorthodox.
Created synonym name for table (INVPLAN)in Oracle 9i or 10g as a SRC_INVPLAN. Tested working correctly.
1) Created dataflow service and tested working ok.
2) Now created processflow where it first call the datamigrator procedure ( which calls the oracle stored procedure) same database where the my synonym points.
3) After done with datamigrator procedure calling the the dataflow service created in the step 1.
4) Now running the process flow and it errors out and complain SQL table not found and it passes the my synonym name instead of the table name which is INVPLAN where Datamigrator passed the SRC_INVPLAN.
5) Try again running only the dataflow service it worked fine as soon as running the process flow it error out and complain of table not found. Datamigrator process flow passing wrong table name to the database and I have no clue why datamigrator is doing like this.

Pls. anybody have idea or suggestion what to do?


WF 7.6.2/ OS WIN2003.
DM 7.6.2
March 03, 2011, 09:57 AM
Do you have more than one synonym with the same name? Is it possible the application path has changed?

How are you calling an ORACLE stored procedure? By creating a synonym and using it as a source or by running it from a focexec?

Otherwise I would suggest opening a hottrack case if you haven't already done so and uploading the process flow, data flow, source and target synonyms.
March 03, 2011, 05:28 PM
No only one synonym for this.
I am calling oracle procedure using focexec


I have already opened up the case with IBI, they are researching about it. I wonder if somebody face similar issue.

Also if I am trying the executing the procedure inside the package it doesn't work. Any idea how to execute the oracle procedure resides in the package.


WF 7.6.2/ OS WIN2003.
DM 7.6.2