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[CLOSED] Exposing a process flow as a webservice

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May 08, 2015, 04:27 PM
[CLOSED] Exposing a process flow as a webservice
Hi All,
I am trying to expose a flow as a web service.I have selected both input and output schemas for start/stop object. I published and deployed the pflow but i do not see the processflow as a service in the explorer tab as mentioned in the documentation.

I am trying to test it in the base JVM as the managed servers i had created are throwing the error "Requested Server XXX_ManagedServer_XXXis not configured for Web Services"

I am using iSM version

Thank you.

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iSM 7.0.2
May 14, 2015, 10:30 AM

The following update has been provided by the Focal Point support group for iWay.

Please complete steps 9-15. If there are further issues, please open a case.

ISM as a provider: This means an iSM pflow will be called from another system such as

1) Create a pflow containing your desired message processing.
2) The start and end objects must contain a schema reference and specify a document root
3) Publish the pflow to the registry. Make sure the pflow in not attached to any channels.
4) Go to the deployment section of the iSM console in your browsers.
5) Click services (middle left)
6) Click the deploy button.
7) Click the check box next to your pflow name and click the deploy button.
8) You should now see your pflow listed as deployed.

9) Go to the explorer section of IIT.
10) Connect to iSM and define a target for the iWay adapter using the Soap port
11) You should see your deployed pflow listed.
12) Right click on your pflow and select "Create Iway Business Service"
13) You will have to provide names for the web service and method and choose a license category.
14) The web service is now active and ready to process request. It will always be available when iSM is running and the soap listener active.
15) Go back to the Deployments section of the iSM console and click web service

As suggested if this does not satisfy your query and you have further questions if would be best to open a case at IBI TechSupport .

If you do open a case can you share your results here so that others can also benefit from this?

Kindest regards,
Tamra Colangelo
Focal Point Moderator
Information Builders Inc.

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