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Run a Data Migrator Process In "Batch" Mode from a Web Page?

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June 17, 2008, 01:57 PM
Run a Data Migrator Process In "Batch" Mode from a Web Page?
I have a Data Migrator job that I would like to incorporate into a Dashboard. The idea is that the user brings up an html page in Dashboard, specifies values for a few parameters, and then clicks on the Submit button and the DM job gets submitted as a batch run. The user comes by later to get the file of results.

So, I have an html page built in MRE that performs a IBIF_ex run for the Data Migrator process, and all runs well. The page waits, and upon completion I get the text from the run and the output file appears where it's supposed to.

My concern is that some of these runs will take an hour or more, so I'd like to have it submitted to the queue and just give the user a page indicating that the process got started. Sounds easy, but I can't find a parameter setting to submit it batch instead of on-demand. What I have so far:

[INPUT TYPE='hidden' name='IBIF_ex' value="00_complete_cdc_extraction_flow.fex">
[INPUT TYPE='hidden' name='servername' value="spec">
[INPUT TYPE='hidden' name='IBIC_server' value="I-WAY">
[INPUT TYPE='hidden' name='appbx' value="1">
[INPUT TYPE='hidden' name='IBIAPP_app' value="cdc_extracts">
[input type='hidden' name='IBIMR_random' value=''>
document.form.IBIMR_random.value = Math.random();
[INPUT TYPE='submit' NAME='Submit' VALUE='Submit'>

Can anyone clue me in about what I need to add to turn this into a send-and-forget submission?


June 18, 2008, 08:53 AM
Jessica Bottone
John, if I'm not mistaken, didn't you also submit this question under one of the other forums and have since gotten an answer? If I'm correct, would it be possible for you to update this post with that information?

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