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Synonym / Flow Names
I learned that synonyms, though created in different application folders in Data Migrator, CANNOT have the same name. I am wondering if the same applies to flow names? For instance, I have 10 application folders, each representing a different client. Under client 1 I build a flow (using synonyms from client 1 folder). If I copy that flow (using the same name) over to Client 2 folder and change synonyms used in that flow to synonyms for client 2 - will DM differentiate between the two flows? I would say it should differentiate based on the folder location, but that assumption proved wrong using synonym with the same name across different application folders. Anyone observed any difficulties with the scenario above?

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You can have the same synonym name in different folders, and you can have the same flow name in different folders. However, flows do not do explicit referencing to meta data, so you should only have one unique name for the synonyms and flow names on the path at any one time. If you have multiple synonym or flow names on the path, then the server will use the first one it finds. You should look into using user profiles to set the path for that specific user, therefore they will only see their resources.

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It's true that by default Data Flows don't reference application directories for existing synonyms. However you can change this behavior from Tools > Options > Data Flow by checking the checkbox "Use application directory name with flow components." Then when you add a synonym to a flow the application directory is explicitly specified.

When you submit or run a Flow or Procedure from the Data Management Console that is open or that you select from the browser the one that you have selected is the one that is executed.

For calling a Flow or Procedure from a Process Flow there's the same checkbox in the section "Process Flow Designer."

When you submit a flow from cmrun you can specify the application directory or not as you prefer. If you do, you get the one you specified. If you don't you get the first one in your app path.

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