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High Availability with iWay in windows environment

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October 30, 2007, 03:00 PM
High Availability with iWay in windows environment
I have a couple basic questions on high availability with the iway product.

1. is any one running in a high availability environment in a windows world using microsoft clustering?

2. what alternatives in the iway world to high availabilty other than with windows clustering? In our environment, we need 100% availability for our iway product which serves as our middleware interface between sap, edi and our automated distribution systems. As a current microsoft biztalk user, we are running a microsoft clustered active/active (biztalk/sql) enviroment. As we migrate from this environment to iway, I am trying to learn what other customers are doing in this area especially if there are needs for high uptime percentages.

3. what has or does iway suggest?

iWay 5.5 smsp1

windows 2003
October 31, 2007, 04:44 AM
We've found that the only way to insure service availablilty on a iWau 55. SP1 environment is to use the hot backup senario. This is where you create an exact copy (exept for servername and ip) of you Iway server and link to configurations to each other. The backup Iway Will pool to Live iWay config and if the Live config stops apnormally the hot backup kicks in and continues. The problem usually is that the processes must use Special registers and be linked to the correct server.

We have a single instance of iWay and have tested the hot backup senario and found it to work, if you have the necessary licensing to allow 2 iway Server instances to run at the same time.

I've not come accross any clustering set up specifications yet but I believe that this has been done. Best bet is to contact the consulting services for recomendations.