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[CLOSED] Better Way To See Error Details

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April 17, 2018, 10:16 AM
Michael Henry
[CLOSED] Better Way To See Error Details
I spend a large amount of frustrating time trying to figure out why something is not working. Generally I get to a certain point and the log shows:

(ICM18764) Request ireplicate/journal_loads/flow_im01_tbl failed; RC = -1
(ICM18039) DEP_0 flow_im01_tbl Return Code = -1

Great! A nice -1 error message.

In a flow I'm trying to read data from a table and pass it to another driver to then pass to a synonym. I was able to do this using a sample database but now I'm trying to do a small scale POC of what I really want. I am unable to see where my problem is other than I know what step it is happening in. A -1 error tell me nothing. My choices are to keep doing the same steps over and over and over and hoping to stumble across something, or to just consider this a failed attempt and move to something else.

Is there any way to find more details. If this is all that is possible, I don't think there is any reason for me to continue.

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Mass Data Migrator
April 17, 2018, 02:15 PM
It looks like you are looking at the log from a process flow that calls another flow (or procedure) that failed. You need to look at the log for the called flow that failed.

If you can't determine the problem from that log please open a case with hotline and provide the flows and synonyms that are used.