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Featured iWay Use Case: Checking for Locked Files

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June 21, 2017, 01:36 PM
Kathleen Butler
Featured iWay Use Case: Checking for Locked Files
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Checking for Locked Files
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The iWay File listener will attempt to continuously read a file that is locked by another user or an independent process. In this case, a trace is sent downstream to the process flow (pflow) of the channel. Depending on your business logic, erroneous or undesired messages may trigger an unwanted file write or email notification.

The channel archive that is provided with this use case contains a technique that verifies if a file is unlocked. If a file is unlocked, then the extension of this file is renamed. A standard business channel can then be used to search only for the renamed file extension, which assures that only unlocked files are read and processed.

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Kathleen Butler
Senior Customer Care and Communications Manager
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