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Scheduler Configuration in DMC
We want to be notified by email whenever any of our flows fail in DMC. According to the Help section titled "Performing Server Administration Tasks From the Web Console", I should be able to initiate this process by changing the Scheduler Configuration. We have restarted the server and the application. However, this is still not working. We are able to receive the failure message on a per-flow basis so we know that the server is configured properly. Is there another setting that we need to change in order to make this work?

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Have you looked into the server log? Make sure you don't see anything like this:
(ICM18772) Error to send email: connection failed: RC = 32074

Since it's working on a per-flow basis, that's probably not it, but it can't hurt to look.

I thought sending emails was a per-flow thing, but looking at the documentation again, I can see what makes it look like something that can be set globally. If you don't find any errors in the server log, I'd recommend opening a case with IBI. Or maybe Clif is monitoring this forum and can comment.

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That's right.

First you have to enable sending email. You've apparently done this, but for others: From the Web Console main menu Workspace > Configuration. From the tree that opens General > E-Mail. Then enter values for smtp_host (something like and sender_email. Test and Save.

Then configure sending email for all flows. Go to Worspace Configuration > Special Services > Scheduler. For sched_email pull-down select Failure. Save and restart Scheduler.

You must also enable the individual flows and specify the email address to send the messages to. Open the flow, from the main menu Flow Properties > e-Mail Notification. Check failure and enter the email address.

Note that Scheduler Configuraton sends email for scheduled flows. Not Test Run, not Run Deferred. Only flows that run through the scheduler.

(On a technical level that means only flows initiated by CMSASAP, not EX.)

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