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EDI 997

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November 30, 2009, 04:05 PM
EDI 997
If there is an EDI file that contains 500 individual packets (ST segments) and one of them fails the EDI Pre-parser, is there any method known that will identify the one in error when sending the 997 acknowledgement. Currently the 997 is sent as rejected since the 997 is sent based on EDI file level vs. EDI packet level.

iWay 5.6

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December 01, 2009, 10:50 AM
No. The 997 is the structural validation of the Interchange (ISA). If you use the preparser to read the interchange, you will get one 997 per ISA.

One possible work-around would be to route by set. You can do this using the stand-alone splitter or running the preparser with the “transformer option” set to off. This will take an interchange and create a series of smaller files, one per set. Each file has a copy of the original ISA and GS wrappers. Unfortunately this method will create one 997 per set rather than one per interchange. This may or may not be acceptable to your partner. If you use SREG that are set in the flow, you can sort your transformed sets into “good” and “bad” directories based on the ACK03 status flag (either “A(ccept)” or “R(eject)”.