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upgrade to 7.13 or 7.14
Silver Member
We have 711 installed but not tested yet. I've been hearing from different people to skip 711 and upgrade to 713 or 714. Version 711 has many bugs in it.

Does anyone agree with this?

WF 533/ Unix/ Oracle
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Yes, I would agree. I advised my Client not to install 7.1 (after a period of testing) and await the 7.1.3 release.

7.1.3 had a few "features" that hit some of the existing programs, but nothing that was not able to be circumvented by a workaround developed locally.

I would read the documents that identify what fixes are in each release before deciding what version to go for.

I hear that 7.6 is close .....


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Silver Member
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I've forwarded these posts to my supervisor for her review and decide which version to go with.

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Gold member
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We discovered a bug in 7.1.4 on MVS Had to move to version 7.1.7 (forget which build). The problem related to some kind of clen-up routine in DEFINE blocks. Bug was apparently introduced in some version of 5.x

WF 7.1.7 - AIX, MVS
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7.1.6 is pretty stable.

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Our management decided to upgrade to 7.13. We are now testing it. We had several minor problems but were able to correct or find a work around. So far it's working ok.

Thanks for everyone's response.

Posts: 12 | Location: Bay Area - San Francisco | Registered: January 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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