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accidentally updated Java, now PMF won't run

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March 06, 2012, 12:18 PM
accidentally updated Java, now PMF won't run
My laptop with Windows XP was running PMF, but I accidentally clicked on the Java update (Java 6 update 31, was previously using Java 6 update 17 and everything was working). Now it won't run. I tried to fix it by removing the Java update, but I still couldn't get the PMF Login screen and I couldn't start Tomcat 5.5.25. So then I tried reinstalling Tomcat 5.5.25. And when that didn't work, I downloaded Java 6 update 17 and installed that. When that didn't work, I reinstalled PMF.

Now I can start Tomcat, but I can't start either ReportCaster 76 or WebFocus 76 server. When I try to start WebFocus server, I get a popup almost immediately that says "Server failed to start".

Before I checked the services, I tried to open the Welcome to WebFocus page and got a 404 error with the description: "The requested resource (/ibi_apps) is not available." I also tried opening DevStudio 7.6.11. When I click on localhost under WebFocus Environments, I get the following error: The URL could not be found "HTTP://localhost:8080/ibi_html/index.html"

Has anybody seen this before and can suggest a way to fix it?


PMF: 5.2.3 HF 4
Server: WF 7.6.11/DB2
Desktop: WF 7.6.11/SQL Server/XP
output: HTML
March 06, 2012, 12:27 PM
Bob Jude Ferrante
PMF uses no significant amount of Java, but WebFOCUS does. I'd recommend you check the version of WebFOCUS you're running and the version of Java required/supported for it and make sure they're compatible. If Tomcat won't start it's quite possible you upgraded to a version of Java too far ahead of whatever version of Tomcat was packaged with WebFOCUS.

That's the best guess I can venture from the info you provided. If you need further help after checking on that stuff, contact our CSS folks.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

February 27, 2013, 08:57 AM
Hi Please let me know whether Java 1.7 is compatible with webfocus 7611 or not.Our current version of webfocus and reportcaster is 7611.

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February 28, 2013, 08:26 AM

I am pretty sure that 1.7 in not supported until webfoucus 7.7.03 though it might be 7.7.04

The 1.6.xx version supported with webfocus 7.6.11 If you search the support site for "support statement for java virtual" It will list all the various 1.6.x versions of java and which one works with which version of WebFocus.


Webfocus 8.0.7 on Windows
February 28, 2013, 09:47 AM
Geoff Fish
I had a similar issue with HTML composer when i was using RIA themes. After my IT group pushed out a Java patch i could not get these to reopen in composer, fiddled with Java for a couple days and finally gave up and reinstalled Developer studio after having to reimage my machine. This fixed my problem. Your's may not be the same but my issue was definitely java related

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