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Quadrant View with Added Fixed Reporting Periods

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November 24, 2015, 07:56 AM
Clinton Side-Kick
Quadrant View with Added Fixed Reporting Periods
Hi Bob,
We would like to add a couple of extra Reporting Periods to the Dropdown list for the Quadrant View on the Today page.
The current four options are:
1 Current Month
2 Current Quarter
3 Current Year (default)
4 Previous Period

The options we would like to add are:
1 Current Q1
2 Current Q2
3 Current Q3
4 Current Q4
5 Current H1 (first half year I.e. Q1 + Q2)
6 Current H2 (second half year i.e. Q3 + Q4)
7 Current YTD (not quite similar to "Current Year" - the Target value should dynamically aggregate only up to the current month. Currently the YTD Actuals are being compared to full year Target).

I've been able to add these options to the dropdown list. However having a bit of a challenge understanding how to let the current procedure know what to do with these "fixed" periods.

Your insight and assistance will be appreciated.

With kind regards,

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November 24, 2015, 09:53 AM
Bob Jude Ferrante
You need to make sure you have a Time Range corresponding to each of these options. See PMF doc on Time Ranges.

The UI should pass the abbreviations for the Time Ranges through to the reporting code. Then the selected range will be applied.

Note: The quadrant report is pretty old stuff and has been officially deprecated for 2 years. It's quite easy to make a dashboard that does what it does better.

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