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Measure(s) by dimension(s)

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September 06, 2011, 06:04 AM
Measure(s) by dimension(s)

When clicking on a "Perspective", a multidrill-menu is shown with options
"Show by {name of dimension1..n}"
The same is applicable for clicking on an "Objective".

Is this also possible when clicking on a "Measure".
Can we select the clicked measure and have the multidrill-menu also have the
options "Show by {name of dimension1..n}" ??


PMF: Version: 5.2.3 (HF3)
September 06, 2011, 10:12 AM
Bob Jude Ferrante
You didn't provide context but from what you're saying, I'm assuming you're running an analysis designer report on Measures, and grouping by Perspective and/or Objective.

When you run that on perspective you're already looking at Measure data broken out by the dimension you specified in the request. So the Measure menu is giving you a chance to cross-drill into other information. If you break the report out by or across any dimension you'll see the full range of dimensions in the system and you can drill on those to get what you want.

Hope this helps.


Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

November 01, 2011, 12:43 PM
I have been looking into this and would like to define the 'problem' more specifically.

Generate a Metrics Across Dimension report for All Measures with Rolling 5 Period across Year using Analysis Designer.
This report is saved and added to the Today content for the Executive user.
As an Executive I now want to split one measure out by a dimension and retain the Rolling 5 Period.
Clicking on a measure gives me a multidrill menu, BUT NOT the Show by {dimension} options.

So what are my options using PMF functionality?

1. Add by Objective to the original report (since this does have the Show by {dimension} options).
The shortcoming is when there are multiple measures per objective I get all of them, not just the one I'm interested in.

2. Let the user use the Operational Report... option to generate the required drilldown report.
The user is a one-click Executive. He will not want to use Analysis Designer and certainly does not want to do this every day to generate the same report.

3a. Click on a cell and choose Measure Details.
This gives me the specific measure BUT only for one Year.
3b. Then click on Quarter to select the required Show by {dimension}.
This now gives me the specific measure split out by the dimension of my choice BUT only for 1 quarter (I still want Rolling 5 Year Periods).

4. Last option - Click on the Year in the across heading and choose Show by {dimension}.
You guessed it...

What I really (really) want is that the multi-drill dropdown on a measure name also contains the 'Show by {dimension}' options.

This leaves me with customization (Which is clearly not for the faint-hearted.). So here goes...

Some time later... and yes it now works satisfactorily.

The task was to make a minimum of changes and retain as much of the PMF functionality as was necessary.
I needed to make a new gadget and customize 3 standard fexes. All of this of course in my pmf_custom folder.

The fexes were:

Anyone needing this code please message me here.

Paul Burridge
Senior Consultant
34 years with Information Builders
WebFOCUS 8.2.5 Win10
November 01, 2011, 01:16 PM
Bob Jude Ferrante
Analysis Designer reports are Content. They tend to be personal content, just for the person who did the design. But you can make them public quite easily.

When logged in as any PMF admin, go to the Manage tab, click Content, and select the Saved report by name from the list.

Now add it to any category in addition to "saved." This makes it an available report. If you add it as a Measures report or an Objectives report, it can be made available as the drill from any Measures report on the "Operational Report" drilldown.

Hope this way of doing things helps you.


You can then use

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!