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PMF 5.3.2 Hotfix 3 is Generally Available
Information Builders' Performance Management Framework (PMF) 5.3.2 Hotfix 3 is now generally available.

New Capabilities in PMF 5.3.2 Hotfix 3:
PMF 5.3.2 Hotfix 3 is substantially improved and upgraded:

  • Dashboard improvements to function and appearance.
  • Many new Gadgets.
  • Core charting improvements.
  • A totally new integrated Strategic Project Management system.
  • Better Integration with Healthcare Performance Analytics (HPA) Metrics Packs.
  • Major architectural improvements including totally rebuilt data harvesting and capture, automatic recalculation, documentable lineage, and full data generation, with lots of easier UI to manage the system and to speed creating elements.
  • Configurable migration of legacy Metrics to the new Metrics Architecture.
  • User-Entered Dimensions and Generated Sources allow instant modeling of new metrics.
  • “Sticky tabs” speed you through repetitive queries and changes.
  • More general usability and a more attractive look.
  • More consistent control of overall styling.
  • Better browser standards adherence.
  • ... and hundreds More.

For more information on new capabilities, please see the PMF 5.3.2 New Features and PMF 5.3.2 Release Notes documentation that ship with PMF, and the PMF 5.3.2 documentation available on

Software Availability
All users can download PMF 5.3.2 Hotfix 3 by logging into and selecting Download > My Downloads/Shipments. Registration is required.

Pre-Requisites and Limitations to Note
Please refer to the ireadme.txt file distributed with PMF for information about browser support and limitations to note.

PMF 5.3.2 Hotfix 3 is certified for operation with WebFOCUS Releases 7.7 and above, including WebFOCUS 8.0.02 and above. Information on how to install and use PMF can be found in the PMF Installation and Configuration Guide, which is fully updated with WebFOCUS 8 information.

If you have a previous version of PMF installed, the PMF Installer will automatically upgrade PMF to the latest version; migration is completed the first time an administrator logs on to PMF.
1. We strongly recommend you back up any custom PMF demo data marts in your RDBMS tools before migrating them to PMF 5.3.2.
2. If you have PMF installed in a multi-tier configuration, please remember to run the installation separately for your Web server and WebFOCUS server machines.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

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Focal Point    Focal Point Forums  Hop To Forum Categories  Performance Management Framework (PMF)    PMF 5.3.2 Hotfix 3 is Generally Available

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