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[resolved] custom gadget dev: query with no data

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March 02, 2012, 03:32 PM
[resolved] custom gadget dev: query with no data
Hi Team,

I'm running a series of queries, holding the results, appending them together and reporting on the output. Each query is for a different time range; this technique is something I've developed to build PMF reports that mix and match time periods, such as YTD and QTD and Current month on one report. It's one report based on three queries that build the data set, basically.

The situation I'm seeing today is that one of my time ranges does not currently contain data, so PMF throws up a 'no data' error. What I want to have happen is for it NOT to exit my procedure, and I will simply end up with a missing hold file that does not get appended into the mix.

I DO NOT want to modify PMF_BOOKLET_DATA to stop the zero records from triggering a no data message. I wonder if there is a SET command that will make things behave how I want?



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-WebFOCUS 8.2.01 on Windows
March 02, 2012, 04:21 PM
There's a parm that will turn off the "No Data" page: &DISP_NO_DATA

Setting this to 'N' disables the display of the No Data form and simply passes control back to the calling program. If at a later point in your code you want to re-enable the No Data page you'll have to set &DISP_NO_DATA back to 'Y'.