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Test tables like car or ggsales to test pmf after upgrade

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March 17, 2011, 04:25 AM
Test tables like car or ggsales to test pmf after upgrade
can anyone tell me if there are tables available to test our pmf envirement after
an upgrade to 5.23? Just to simulate a kpi!!


WF Production Version: 7.7.02M
WF Test Version: 7.7.02M
Developer Studio: 7.7.02
March 17, 2011, 10:28 AM
Bob Jude Ferrante
Did you upgrade by installing PMF on a new environment(and plan to move your data over) or by installing it over the top of your previous (say, 5.1) environment?

* If same environment, first check with your support consulting team to make sure your customizations are out of the way (they will probably need to be manually migrated) then back up your current mart, and start PMF as an Admin, and perform the auto-migration. You can then confirm functioning.

* If new environment, you can use snapshot/restore to restore the pmf_manufacturing demo and then test it. Later on you can migrate your data.

Note that this information comes out the PMF Installation and Configuration Guide, available on, in the upgrading PMF chapter. You definitely want that book.


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