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OK... who's built a cool gadget?

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October 21, 2009, 06:53 PM
Bob Jude Ferrante
OK... who's built a cool gadget?
At this point about a dozen developers are out there who have built gadgets for PMF. Some of them, we hear, are pretty cool. The gadgets we mean; the developers are always cool.

So who's built a cool one and wants to shout about it here? You can tell us what it's called, what it does, and even something about how it works.

There's of course a method to our madness here. Such a statement would not only be advertising your coding chops of course; it would also serve as education to others about the niceties of making new gadgets.

Also note: In V5.2.1 PMF will introduce the ability to export any gadget to a single file; this file will include a preview graphic, will embed any FOCEXEC code, and even can embed binaries (in the case of SWF, otherwise known as Flex). A developer can export a Gadget, put it in a central location, and non-developers will be able to download it, place it in a folder in their PMF environment, click a button and Register the gadget. The non-developer can then drop it on Dashboards and (as long as it's not a gadget that is declaratively accessing source databases) it will just work. All the metadata that defines the gadget, plus its file components, will be transportable to other installations of PMF, both within your organizations and externally.

So we're sort of asking because maybe you want to make your best work get seen outside the one place it's being seen now?

Anyone into this idea? Shout out. We're listening.


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