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Aggregation in Measure

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October 30, 2012, 07:35 AM
Aggregation in Measure
I am facing issue with measure aggregation.

The dimension I am using has 4 levels.

Business Unit, Product Line, Product and Application.
I am trying to calculate the number of production defects for each level.
The problem is that the issue ticket numbers are not unique and can be used by different application.
Application 1: issue numbers PM1, PM2, PM3
Application 2: issue numbers PM1, PM4, PM5,PM6

Now when I perform count at the application level counts should be
Application 1: Prod Issue = 3
Application 2: Prod Issue = 4

But when we roll up to higher level like Product which has both the application in it the count should be 6 instead of 7
Product 1( having Application 1 and Application 2 ) Prod Issue = 6 as it should be a distinct count.

I did try using Distinct Count Aggregation in Summarization settings but not able to understand how to use this.

Please advise.

WebFOCUS 7.7.3 PMF 5.2.3, Windows, AHTML,PDF,Excel
October 31, 2012, 01:17 PM
Michael Paul
Hi Adesh,

The PMF distinct count capabilities should handle this situation.

Based on your example create a single level “Issue dimension” that will be the distinct count dimension.

Then create a distinct Measure and link the 4 level “Application” and 1 level “Issue” dimensions directly to it.

Load this distinct count measure.

Now in the PMF reports when you sort by the Application dimension on this measure it will show the proper distinct counts of “Issues”.

Check out the PMF documentation on “distinct count” capabilities for instructions on how to set the distinct count configurations up. This can be found via the “PMF Help” link that is usually in the top right corner of the dashboard.