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More than 3 threshold/flex values against a measure

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May 16, 2013, 06:29 AM
More than 3 threshold/flex values against a measure
Is it possible to have more than 3 indicators against a measure? I am looking to implement a stepped set of tolerances that could potentially include more than 4 traffic lights.


Any ideas would be much appreciated.
May 16, 2013, 11:45 AM
Michael Paul
Hi Ket,

The number of indicator levels or traffic light colors is a system wide setting. Depending on the version of PMF you are running this can be changed by running one of the focexecs behind the scenes. We eventually plan to have a panel on the front end that will allow changing this from inside of PMF.

The first thing you’ll need to decide is if you want the 4 stoplight levels globally on all measures / objectives in your system. If the answer is yes, you can configure this by following the steps below.

Identify the focexec pmf_tlrnc_form_update_exec.fex in the mainstreet folder to see the options available. This contains the information to reset this system wide setting.

Step 1: Back up your database and for good measure the pmf app folders of “pmfdbms”, “pmfdata” and “pmf_tenants\pmf_base” folders.
Step 2: Update the pmf_tlrnc_form_update_exec.fex to change the value of “&PM_SYS_TLRNC#TLRNC_NUM_LVLS”
Change this value to 4, from the default 3 that is there.
Step 3: Notice that there are 4 levels defined for the PM_SYS_TLRNC_LVLS variables. If 4 levels are desired you should be fine, otherwise if more are needed, you will need to add them here.

-* Ex of a 5th level description.

Step 4: If more than 4 levels are needed, you will need to create images for level 5 on in the images folder i01_d05.gif, i02_d05.gif, etc.
Also in a_chart_colorstyle.fex under pmfdata you will need to specify level 5 for the color to use for PMF_CLR_D05CC for each theme “RYG_PASTELS”, “BLUES_GREYS”, etc.

Step 5: Run this focexec from within PMF. This can be done by setting up a Content page to point to this focexec or running it manually any number of ways.

Step 6: Log in to verify everything is working properly.

NOTE: The 4 default colors we use are red, yellow, green and then blue for the top level. These can be further customized to show up as you’d wish.

If you change your mind about using 4 levels, just reset the &PM_SYS_TLRNC#TLRNC_NUM_LVLS variable to 3 and rerun pmf_tlrnce_form_update_exec.fex.

Good luck!