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Focal Point    Focal Point Forums  Hop To Forum Categories  Performance Management Framework (PMF)    [CLOSED] migrate saved AD reports from one environment to another?

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[CLOSED] migrate saved AD reports from one environment to another?
Hi Team,

Here's another question that I suspect you won't generally approve of, but I need to ask it:

Can I migrate saved AD reports for a specific user from one environment to another? I know I'd have to do this at the database level, so this leads me to wonder what table(s) stores the saved reports and what do you think would happen if I backed up that table(s), restored a PMF snapshot and then restored that table(s)?

This is a one-time only deal, and I'm basically trying to save the day for one of my important users.



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It's quite likely that such an export/import action of this table at the database level would leave your mart in an unstable state. Note that linkages between Owners and Content are based on internal keys, and the relationship between Dashboards and content also duplicates some of this logic, so reloading these tables would shift the internal keys (they autonumber on INCLUDE). That would mean you'd have to go in an re-establish all the linkages and that would be much more tedious than manually adding the content between your data marts.

In general it's a difficult call to have separate PMF data marts for dev/test/production. We generally recommend you use a single mart for all three and use scorecards to link and thus hide the metrics. To support that more widely in 5.3.1 we are enabling you to show/hide content by Scorecard, so you could set up a "in development" scorecard that would combine new metrics you're building with new content you're building and that would give you a good logical model for this. You could then use snapshots to sync up the marts, if you still wanted to have separate ones, and that would also work.

RP has some techniques that could help you, I'd say chat with him about this requirement as well. There might be a way to limit content by scorecard via a technique in advance of the new feature we created.


Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

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Focal Point    Focal Point Forums  Hop To Forum Categories  Performance Management Framework (PMF)    [CLOSED] migrate saved AD reports from one environment to another?

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