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Default drill level for a measure and dimension
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In a previous posting it was mentioned that there is a default dimension/drill level setting in PMF settings that causes PMF to automatically drill down to a particular level of a dimension.
( http://forums.informationbuild...671035672#3671035672 )

Does anyone know where this is set? Ideally we would like to be able to have a default drill level for each dimension set on a per measure basis.

So for example, measure1 and measure2 are both associated with two dimensions: dim1 and dim2. Each of the dimensions is 3 levels deep.

For measure1 we would like to have the dim1 drill to start at level 2, and dim2 to start at level 1. For measure2 dim1 drill should start at level 1 and dim2 drill should start at level 3. Does the aforementioned setting in Bob’s posting last March do this?

If it is not already in the new release -- this may be a great new feature (hint ; ). Effectively this will reduce the number of drill clicks that a user is required to perform to see their most used dimensional cross sections. Our end users are all about reducing clicks and making it easier for users to see the information that they want to see faster.

I realize that we could lop off the top of the dimensional tree (remove level 1 etc) to effectively do this -- but that is only on a per dimension basis – I’d really like to see the default drill level on a per measure and dimension combination.

FYI -- you can adjust individual measures terminal drill level on a per dimension basis. This is done at load time by adjusting the "aggregation level" on the “edit measure loader" screen for a particular dimension.



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