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Performance Management Framework (PMF) 8 is now generally available
Information Builders Performance Management Framework (PMF) 8 is now generally available.

New Capabilities in PMF 8.0.1:
PMF 8.0.1 is substantially improved, easier to use, and more powerful and flexible than ever:

  • Dashboard: Tracking captions, page flip, and drill menuing. Make it easy to turn any Performance Dashboard into a flexible, powerful Analytics tool with no additional work.
  • Visuals: Flat look option, easy styling and coloration. Restyle PMF's entire look in a few clicks. Choose between bordered and non-bordered Gadgets; flat look or gradients across all of PMF. Then easily save and transport all your styling with snapshots.
  • New metrics studio with lineage tracking, ability to mix user-captured with loadable data, ability to create flexible, powerful hierarchies for calculation.
  • Easy migration to the new model. Migrate your legacy Measures to PMF 8's more powerful Metrics model in a click.
  • Mobile capabilities: PMF gives you the ability to quickly assemble Dashboards that can be deployed to any device. PMF's dashboards allow gesture-based interaction dynamically, as appropriate for every device, and scale Gadget content to perfectly fit each device.
  • Content is instantly mobile: Turn any PMF Dashboard or other PMF-managed content into a WebFOCUS Mobile Favorite with one click, right from PMF's Today page or from inside PMF content.
  • Automatic weighting: Reduce clicks when modeling new Strategies in PMF – all weights are automatically set; only use manual weighting when you want.
  • PMF supports all major modern browsers – you can now use Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer in all of PMF.
  • New touch-sensitive animated HTML5 gadgets are dynamic and animate with data on display or parametric changes. These Gadgets allow dynamic filtering with immediate response, since they take advantage of an in-built Dashboard Data Controller. These Gadgets work great from Mobile browsers, from the Information Builders' Mobile Faves app for iOS, and from the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari browsers.
  • Directly set up new Grid Gadgets based on Analysis Designer templates, without coding. This gives you no-code access to tens of thousands of potential Gadgets.
  • Revamped and simplified user interface base, more compliant with Web standards.
  • Slicker Dimension panel allows for considerably more flexible operation.
  • Key-based Dimension matching allows for greater data resiliency when source data changes or Dimension structure changes.
  • Ability to link Content to Scorecards, allowing you to control who sees what.
  • Ability to "split" PMF's reporting cube from core transactional PMF, allowing you to create accelerated partitions for ever faster reporting.
  • Added support for Teradata, PostGreSQL, MySQL and Information Builders HyperStage.
  • ... and hundreds More.

For more information on new capabilities, please see the PMF 8.0.1 New Features and PMF 8.0.1 Release Notes documentation that ship with PMF, and the PMF 8 documentation available at

Software Availability
Downloading PMF for Installation:
All users can download PMF 8.0.1 by logging into InfoResponse Online Technical Support and selecting Download > My Downloads/Shipments. Registration is required.

PMF 8.0.1 is certified for operation with WebFOCUS Releases 7.7 and higher, including WebFOCUS 8.0.0.n.
Note that official PMF support is intended for Generally Available versions of WebFOCUS.
Information on how to install and use PMF can be found in the PMF Installation and Configuration Guide.

If you have a previous version of PMF installed, the PMF Installer will automatically upgrade PMF to the latest version; migration is completed the first time an administrator logs on to PMF.

1. IB recommends you back up any PMF data marts in your RDBMS tools before running the auto-migration to PMF 8.0.1.
2. If you have PMF installed in a multi-tier configuration, please remember to run the installation separately for your Web server and WebFOCUS Reporting Server machines.

Bob Jude Ferrante
Director of Business and Development
WebFOCUS Performance Management

I'll take any questions about PMF - business or technical - anytime!

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