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Linking to existing Webfocus Report after drilling down

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February 03, 2010, 09:55 PM
Linking to existing Webfocus Report after drilling down
Hi Everyone,

I have an existing operational report at branch level (Hierarchy is Region-->SubRegion-->Branch). In PMF when I drill down to branch level, i want to create a link so that if I click at branch, it takes me to my operational report showing data of that branch.

How do we set up that link. Is there any PMF file where we defined links which appear when we click on any item.

On the highest level(Region) of measure detail report,the multidrill down list shows operational report as an option.

Is there a way of adding a operational report link to lower levels in multidrill down list.


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February 04, 2010, 10:09 AM
Bob Jude Ferrante
Have a look at the PMF doc. Look for information about linking to operational reports.

You don't need to recode the menus. There the ability for Measures, Objectives, Projects, and Procesees that lets you drill to an operational report. You have to define your report as content, say it can be drilled from one of those places, and then in the item for which you want to drill (e.g., the Measure panel for a particular Measure) say your report is the default drill. It's available from the drill item "Operational Report" for that Measure etc.

To receive and use the parms, have a look at the doc as well. "Mapping Parameters to an Operational Report"


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