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WebFOCUS Business User Edition FAQ's

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August 04, 2016, 02:40 PM
Kathleen Butler
WebFOCUS Business User Edition FAQ's
Hi Focal Pointers,

Please take a look at our FAQ's for the WebFOCUS Business User Edition. If there's anything you'd like to add, please be sure to let us know!

How many users can use the trial edition in one organization?
The BUE trial license is a 30 day / 20 user license. 20 named users can participate in the trial.

When will BUE 8.2.01 become available
The target GA release date for BUE 8.2.01 is the end of Q3.

Can you use/sync Active Directory group memberships for security permissions?
Active Directory can be used for Authentication only in a BUE configuration. Using group memberships for authorization to BUE content is not supported. You must use the BUE domain based group security for user authorizations.

Does Hyperstage come with BUE or is it an extra license?
Hyperstage is bundled with the WebFOCUS BUE product and does not require a separate license.

Is BUE available for Linux?
Yes, Intel and Power PC Linux are supported.

What types of data can be uploaded to BUE?
Excel spreadsheets and delimited flat files can be uploaded to BUE.

Can BUE be branded for a specific customer?
Yes, but only for ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who want to resell WebFOCUS BUE by integrating it into their application.

Can you connect BUE to existing metadata?
Yes, BUE allows you to configure up to five adapters to access your various data sources. With BUE 8.2.00, only select Adapters could be configured. Certain adapters like our ERP adapters were not supported. Starting with BUE 8.2.01, any adapter can be configured.

Kathleen Butler
Customer Care and Communications Manager
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