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Can you make the text window larger?

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July 27, 2006, 03:15 PM
Can you make the text window larger?
I didn't know where to request things but I was wondering if there is a way to get the text area larger when creating/editing posts. Is there anything I can do on my side or would that be a feature request of the forums. When I start adding in large code samples there is a lot of scolling happening today.

Thanks. Let me know if this isn't the right place.


WF 5.3.5 / SOLARS 2.9 / Apache / Tomcat / Oracle (9.2/10g)
July 27, 2006, 04:40 PM
Hi Johnny - Yes, this is the place to ask.

One thing I've noticed is if I enlarge the pop-up window before it has finished loading the text area is really small. But, when I wait until the page has completed (e.g., hourglass disappears, etc.) and then select the enlarge button on the top, right corner the box takes up the width of the page. Granted you may still have to scroll up and down to see the entire section, but this may help.

Let me know if this does/doesn't work.

Thanks (and welcome!).